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My Essay on The Reality of Blogspot and AdSense Monetization

In this article, we are going to discuss the viability of earning substantial amount of money from Blogspot and AdSense monetization program.

Monetizing Blogspot with AdSense is among the most misunderstood methods of earning money online. People want to get paid as fast and as much as they can through this particular platform. There is a myth that getting income from the internet is effortless. In reality, this assumption could not be any more wrong!

AdSense and Blogspot are both free to use. You do not need to pay any fee to participate. They are also not that hard to operate. So it is no brainer that people would be attracted to use them. Making money without spending any cost? Everyone obviously would want to do it. However, I'd like to disclose my opinion on this misleading notion.

I have published several articles regarding how to get AdSense approval using Blogspot. This time, I would like to explain what kind of things that you need to do after your blog has been approved so that you can get real income.

Before you proceed, please note that this article only discuss Blogger with free Blogspot domains. For Blogger with custom domains, the reality will be different.

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AdSense Approval and Earning Income

Yes, it is true that creating a Blogspot account is easy. As long as your blog has enough published articles and meets certain qualities, AdSense approval will not be that hard either. Nevertheless, getting AdSense approval and making substantial income are two different things. 

Getting AdSense approval for your Blogspot is arguably easy. However, making actual money from these two platforms are definitely not easy!

Please, keep this point in your mind. When your Blogspot website gets approved by AdSense, it does not mean that you will get money immediately. You will not receive any meaningful income instantly.

adsense and blogspot monetize

There are several steps of verification that require weeks or months to complete after the approval process.

You need to verify your ID, PIN, and payment method. These verification processes can only be done after you earn your first $10. For beginner Blogspot and AdSense users, I shall honestly tell you that making $10 will take a long time organically. If you are a newbie, your blog probably will not receive that much visitors. It is not uncommon for a new blog to generate less than $1 per month.

Moreover, you can only withdraw your AdSense income only after you have reached at least $100 in your account balance.

So, if you want to actually make income from AdSense, stop assuming that you will get rich quickly. Stop assuming that you do not need to work hard. Now, you need to start putting some real efforts into your websites and be patience!

If someone tells you that you can make money fast through Blogspot and AdSnese, that person is most likely a scammer.

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The Key to Earn Meaningful Income from AdSense

So here is the important keyword, visitors. If your Blogspot website gets a lot of visitor, your income will steadily increase. For a new user, finding a steady source of traffic is a challenging task. It is actually not easy things to do even for experienced users.

To increase the number of the visitors, you need to be consistent with your posting schedule and maintain your articles' quality. Never stop posting and do not ever take a break from making contents if you want to actually earn from AdSense.

People often stop making content consistently after they have received AdSense approval. If you don't make relevant content, then how can you be attracting visitors?

Beginners often ask me, "Can I get AdSense approval with 30 published posts?". Well, you can. But I shall ask you a rhetorical question, do you really think you can make substantial amount of money from AdSense with only 30 published post? Absolutely not. You have to keep writing.

AdSebse and Blogspot

You need to keep your articles fresh, original, and relevant so that people want to spend their time at your Blogspot website. You want to keep your visitor as long as possible inside your blog. Increase your visitor engagement.

In my experience, you will start to get steady income when your blog receives at least 1000 visitors per day from Google Search. Traffic from organic source such as Google is the most valuable. You will not earn as much if your traffic mainly comes from social media or referrals.

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Challenge for Blogspot Users

The free domain of Blogspot may become your website's bottleneck. People usually are less inclined to trust websites with blogspot domain. For example, you are more likely to read news from websites that have .com domain. You probably think that news from Blogspot websites are less reliable.

Does Blogspot domain always lose against .com? Not always, some of the articles from this blog are among the top 10 in Google Search result. Is there any merit in using free Blogspot domain? Yes, in some cases. For example, Blogspot domain is not that bad if you want to monetize personalized contents. If you are an expert about a particular subject, Blogspot domain is a viable option.

If you insist on using Blogspot domain for AdSense monetization, then you should stay away from general or popular subjects. Bigger websites will most likely beat you. People would read BBC rather than clicking your Blogspot website for cricket news. Be smart with your topic!

There is power in number. One Blogspot website may not provide you with much income. But imagine if you have 50 running websites. One AdSense account can handle multiple Blogspot websites. You can accumulate your income from those blogs. However, this strategy is only realistic if you have time to manage and create contents for 50 Blogspot webs.

In the end, custom domain for Blogger does offer more flexibility on your topic choices. The small downside is that you need to pay about $10 per year. So, if you want to make actual money, do not be a cheapskate. Pay the small fee for a .com domain and go compete with other bigger websites!

Is monetizing a Blogspot website worth doing it?

Yes, if you are not expecting a regular income. Think of it as an additional allowance. For some people, getting AdSense approval is a badge of honor. They are not focused on the money. The fact that AdSense approves your Blogspot website is quite a big deal in itself. It gives you a bragging right and it's quite nifty when you can say that "Google paid me", even though it's not much.

 If you want to get paid regularly, then you probably need a .com domain, mulitple Blogspots webs, or other methods.

Earning substantial income from Blogspot with AdSense program is theoretically possible. However, it is usually not the most practical thing to do. If you insist on using Blogspot, be ready to face a lot of challenges.

Do not stop creating articles, keep learning, be realistic, and be consistent!

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  1. How many article should be in the blog to approved by google adsense?
    1. As many as possible, you shouldn't be focusing on the minimum limit to get approval. You need to go beyond just aiming for approval if you want to make money from it. That's the point of the article above.
  2. Have you reached your 100$ adsense payment? And if yes, can you pls tell me how much months does it took to get your 100$ payment. It will be great Helpful for me if you tell me your answer, as I will come to assume how much efforts I should give on blogger website.
    1. I don't want to discuss my income personally as it is a very sensitive information. As far as I can tell you, there is no definite answer to your question, it heavily depends on the quality and quantity of the traffic of your blog.

      For example, you can get around $5 per day if you receive 2000 visitors per day from Google search. You can get more than that or way less than that, depending on where the traffic comes from. Generally, if your visitors come from western countries, the payment is higher.

      If your website is new (less than 100 posts) then it will not be easy to acquire that much traffic. It can take months or years. New blogs usually will only receive like 1000 visitors per month (not per day). If you want to get $100 as fast as possible, then you need to focus on increasing your organic traffic. That's all I can say for now.

      I don't know how much effort you should give, but I'd say that consistency is more important. Especially if you are a new blogger. Do not try to post content as much as possible in short term period ( for example, do not attempt to publish 100 articles in a day). Instead, post at least one article in a consistent interval (it can be once a day or once in two days and so on). I think this slow method is the best way to grow the organic traffic overtime (you can't grow organic traffic instantly anyway).
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