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Does Enabling Google AdSense Affect Blogger Website Ranking?

Google has explicitly stated that participating in AdSense program does not affect your website's position in the search results.  It…

What is Sellers.json? AdSense for Beginner Bloggers

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If you are an AdSense user, you may notice that there is a new notification in your dashboard concerning sellers.json file. Google is telling yo…

Inserting Link Inside Blogger Comment Section - Will It Increase Ranking?

Inserting link inside Blogger's comment section will not increase your blog's ranking . Remember that only dofollow backlink (a link …

How to Use Twitter Summary Card in Blogger Theme - Tweet Optimization

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Summary Card is an important feature which should be enabled by every blogger who would like to have stronger presence in Twitter. You can im…

Fiksioner v3 is Out! The Best Free Blogger Theme Just Got Even Better

Igniel just outdid herself with the latest Fiksioner update! The Fiksioner v3 is finally out today. The updated theme supposedly has a better …
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