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Three Months with the Galaxy A54 5G: A Blogger's Perspective on Samsung's Midrange Marvel

I've been using Samsung Galaxy A54 for three months now, and here is what I have to say about this lovely midrange phone!

Looking for a midrange phone for your daily driver in 2024? Check out the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy A54 5G in October 2023. My old phone, a low-end Vivo Y15 that I got as a gift in 2019, has finally run its course. After some consideration, I chose this lovely Samsung midrange phone from the A series line as the successor! It is a major step up for me. And here is what I have to say about the Galaxy A54 5G after three months of usage!

Samsung A54 after-three-months review!
Samsung A54 after three months review!

However, before I get right into it, I'd like to mention that I'm not a big tech guy. My opinion on Samsung Galaxy A54 5G may not necessarily be in line with some experts' opinion.  I am by no means a professional phone reviewer, just a regular customer like you! So please keep that in mind.

Is Samsung A54 the Perfect Budget Phone for Bloggers?

As someone who makes most of his money through blogging, owning a $1000++ flagship phone can be hard to justify. My job pays okay but not enough that I can afford exorbitant luxuries on a whim. Yet, an entry-level phone will not be powerful enough; it'll have a weaker camera spec. A blogger like me may need to point and shoot some crisp pictures occasionally, after all. 

Orchid flowers shot from Samsung Galaxy A54 camera.
Orchid flowers shot from a Samsung Galaxy A54 camera.

So, a mid-ranger like the A54 is the perfect compromise because it gives a lot of value for what you'll spend! When I bought it last year, the variant with 128GB internal memory was only IDR4,850,000 including a protective case! That's only about USD 312! (1 USD = IDR 15,500). I believe the price should be even cheaper nowadays as A55, the successor, will be released soon.

 You'll get an excellent camera performance, almost flag-ship-like quality, for a reasonable price.  Check out the following A54's camera specifications:

  • Primary: 50MP sensor, f/1.8-aperture lens, PDAF, OIS
  • Ultra-wide: 12MP sensor, 1.12┬Ám pixels, 123˚ field of view, f/2.2-aperture lens
  • Macro: 5MP sensor, f/2.4-aperture lens
  • Video: 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 30/60fps

I especially love its primary 50MP sensor! It is sharp for close-range pictures with lovely color. Some pictures I shot on the A54 even got accepted by Shutterstock. So, it means that A54 provides you with a camera capable of snapping passable image quality!

Another aspect I love about A54 is its capability to shoot 4K videos at 30fps! While the output is definitely lower quality compared to the iPhone, the result is still highly enjoyable! It provides pleasant details and rich colors, especially if you watch it through smaller screens. I shot the video below using A54. Check it out!

Thanks to the OIS feature, I can capture stable high-quality video even when I'm walking. The audio quality is also decent, thanks to the excellent microphone. 

Plus, the addition of ultra-wide and macro sensors complements the main sensor. However, I rarely use them. As for the selfie camera, I also rarely use it but it's not bad, especially the portrait mode. The 32MP front sensor is also capable of capturing 4K 30fps, though not as good as the back camera.

Vivo phone shot from Samsung Galaxy A54.
Vivo phone shot from Samsung Galaxy A54.

You can snap good pictures and sharp videos on the Samsung Galaxy A54, provided that you have good lighting. The low-light image quality can be a hit or miss, unfortunately. 

Nevertheless, for average bloggers who mainly focus on writing articles, this phone is decent and will elevate your productivity! Be it capturing snappy sharp images or shooting 4K videos, the A54 is a reliable blogging companion!

Notable Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A54 that I love

Aside from its flagship-like camera quality, there are also several notable features on the Galaxy A54 that I like!

First, I love how it includes a microSD card slot. The SIM tray is hybrid, meaning that you can choose to add two SIM cards or opt for one SIM and one MicroSD. I specifically chose the 128GB variant because it is cheaper. If I want more storage, I can just expand it anytime with an external memory card!

A lighthouse shot from Samsung Galaxy A54.
A lighthouse shot from Samsung Galaxy A54.

I also love the quality of the screen that features a Super AMOLED with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The 6.4" full HD screen is exceptionally smooth and sharp. I can read and write on this device for a prolonged time without hurting my eyes. Plus, it features 1000 nits brightness that can handle the outdoor glare adequately.

The battery capacity is also the reason why I chose this device! The 5,000mAh battery can provide around 8 hours of screen time with moderate usage. On average, I only use my phone for about 2 to 4 hours per day so it is more than plenty for a blogger like me. Recharging is decently fast with its 25W charger.

There are other reasons why I like Samsung Galaxy A54 but these three notable features sealed the deal for me! I don't think I need to go through each of the specifications in detail, as other professional reviewers have already done it.

Should I wait for the Samsung Galaxy A55 instead of Getting the A54 now?

Portrait mode using Samsung Galaxy A54 back camera.
Portrait mode using Samsung Galaxy A54 back camera.

The answer really depends on your preference and budget. The A55 definitely will bring some improvements compared to its predecessor, especially more powerful processing power with its newer chip. Nevertheless, the A54 is still a solid phone.

If you have the budget, then by all means wait for A55. But if you prefer a good bargain, the A54 will not disappoint you! It's just one generation below and the output quality should not be that significantly different. Moreover, the A54 will still get security updates until at least 2028 and 3 more major OS updates (it came out with Android 13 and got upgraded to Android 14 in December 2023).

The Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy Samsung Galaxy A54!

Every person has their own needs and A54 may not be suitable for you. If you are one of the following people, you may want to avoid buying the phone!

  • A gamer! The A54 definitely will get super warm if you are using it for prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Rich person! Just straight up avoid it and go for the S series or other flagship phones!
  • Low light photographer.
  • If you need to do heavy multi-tasking or run heavy apps.
  • A hater of Samsung phones for whatever reasons.
  • An audiophile. This phone has no headphone jack, unfortunately.
It may also be a good idea to choose different phones that offer longer screen time if you plan to use your phone all day intensively. The A54 can run out of juice quite fast when it's hot.

Please note that you may notice some minor screen jitters on Galaxy A54 when you open some apps. However, it is usually only temporary and will become smooth again in no time. You also need to know that the purchase of Samsung Galaxy A54 does not include a charger!

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