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How to Index Blogger Post Using Google Search Console Tool - Basic Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console is a powerful tool which can be used to quickly index Blogger posts and pages.

Have you ever wondered how long does it take for your blog posts to appear in Google Search? It is frustrating not knowing when your posts will become visible in the search result. It will be pointless to create a blog if no one can find it on Google.

Thankfully, you can use Google Search Console tool to speed up the indexing process of your blog so that people can find your writings on Google immediately.

By default, Google will slowly index your Blogger posts even without the tool. You need to make your Blogspot blog is visible to the search engine and set your blog readers to public.

To make sure that your blog is visible, you can check it through Setting > Basic in Blogger dashboard. GoogleBot will crawl through your pages. However, it can take days or even weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to use Google Search Console.

It is actually quite simple in order to check whether your blog has been included in the search page or not. Simply search "site:yourblog.com" from Google Search. For example I want to see if this post has been indexed, I'd search "site:https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-index-blogger-post-google-search-console.html".

Blogger, or Blogspot, is compatible with Google Search Console Tool. This online tool is made by Google so that website owners or webmasters (including Bloggers) can check and verify indexing status, visibility, and website ownership.

Before being Indexed
Before this post being indexed

For the last few months you may notice that Blogger has been pushing new massive updates (yay!). Google Search Console now can be accessed directly from your blog. Previously this tool was mostly unknown to Blogspot users.

Follow the following steps in order to use Google Search Console for your Blogger. It can be a little bit complex but I'll try to keep it simple. Feel free to leave a comment below if you find any difficulties.

Step 1: Verifying Your Blog Ownership

First of all, you have to go to Google Search Console, you can go there directly via your Blogger dashboard. Go to Setting > Search preferences > Crawlers and indexing > Google Search Console > Edit.

Google Search console Blogger
Google Search Console in Blogger dashboard

A new tab will open and you will be required to sign-in again in your Google account. After that you will be redirected to https://search.google.com/search-console/welcome?hl=en&utm_source=wmx&utm_medium=deprecation-pane&utm_content=home

You will see that you need to select property, there are two choice, Domain or URL prefix. I suggest that you choose URL prefix option, especially if you are using default free .blogspot.com domain. Input your complete blog URL including the https and press next.

URL prefix for blogspot domain

A pop up notification will appear which tells you that your blog ownership has been verified automatically. Congratulations! Google search console has verified that your blog is indeed your property. The auto verification is possible because Blogger is in fact also a Google product, just like the Search Console tool, hence the "Affiliated product" notification.

Verified Blogger
Your Blogger website has been verified!

You can add additional verification method in your search console later, but for now you are ready for the next step in order to include your blog posts in Google search result. Now select "Go to property".

Step 2: Adding Blogger Sitemaps in the Search Console

Once you are in your blog property, you will notice that there are a lot of features in Google Search Console. Those powerful features are very useful to accurately analyze your Blogger performance in search page result.

It is similar to "Stats" in Blogger dashboard, but this tool is more comprehensive. I will explain more about Google Search Console features in future posts. For now we will focus on how to use this tool in order to index your blogspot contents.

The next step is to add sitemaps for your Blogger posts and pages. Sitemap is basically the list of all contents in you websites. We need to put Sitemap into Search Console so that Google crawler can find our contents. When Google crawler find it, it will put our content in search page result.

In Blogger, sitemap is generated automatically. You can find your Blogger sitemap for your posts at https://yourblogaddress.com/sitemap.xml and the sitemap for your pages at https://yourblogaddress.com/sitemap-pages.xml

Now to include the sitemap to the search console, go to Index > Sitemaps. You will be required to input the sitemap url, simply type sitemap.xml, then press submit. Do the same thing with sitemap-pages.xml (note that if you do not have published page, it will return an error). Sitemap will be updated automatically every time you post, so you have only to do the step 2 once.

Sitepmaps for blogger
Successfully adding Blogger sitemaps in Search Console

Once you have successfully added your Blogspot sitemaps into the Search Console, you are ready for the last step, indexing your posts and pages!

Step 3: Indexing Blogger Posts and Pages Using Google Search Console

In order to index a post, use Google Search Console URL inspection tool. It is located at the top part and it looks like a search box. Simply put your post url into the box and press enter. Your post will be analyzed in few seconds.

URL Analysis Before Indexing

After the analysis is done, you will notice something similar to the picture above. Google Search Console will tell you that your URL is not on Google. It means that your post has not been indexed yet and no Crawler has visited your post. You will not be able to find your post in the search result yet. Now click the REQUEST INDEXING button. It will take a minute or two in order to submit your request.

Indexing Blogspot
Successful indexing request

After your request has been successfully submitted, wait for a moments until your post is being crawled by Googlebot. Sometimes it may take up to one day before your post gets indexed, depending on how busy Google crawler is. Normally however it only takes sometimes within 5 to 10 minutes.

To check if your post has been successfully indexed, you can try to search the URL in google using "site:yourposturl" or by using the inspection tool. Inspect your post URL again in the search console.

Successfully Indexing Blogspot
Successfully indexing a post!

If the inspection tool test result show you that your URL is on Google, then congratulation! People now can find your post in the sea of Google Search result. You can proudly say that you now own a proper blog which can be searched from Google.

Repeat the third step to all of your existing posts and pages. You need to also inspect and request indexing for your main website URL. Remember that every time you posts a new content, you can use the URL inspect tool to request immediate indexing so that your new posts can appear in Google faster. You can also request re-indexing if you made major changes to your posts or website.


Google Search Console tool is a basic search engine optimization tool. In order to optimize your Blogger appearance in Google Search result, you definitely need to use the tool. Your post may get indexed without this tool, but it may take a really long time to appear in the search result.

If you want people to find your blog from Google, no matter what your Blogger contents are; be it flash fiction, random rants, news, tutorial, or cheesy poetry, you need to use Google Search Console tool.

If you find any difficulties and inaccuracy feel free to leave a comment below! Don't for get to follow my blog and bookmark it to receive latest update.

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  1. Hello Sir I want to know how to place adsense ads inside the article in blogger blogspot
    1. Hello Shahid, you may begin to place ads once your website has been approved by AdSense. There are several methods on how to place multiple ads inside the article, one of them is to enable auto ads. Stay tune to my blog because the next article will fully answer your question!
    2. Thanks sofanmax i am wating for that article.
  2. hi how do i use your fiksioner theme i am having trouble customising it and i have no experoence in editing html pls help me
    1. I have created a short tutorial on how to install Fiksioner. Check my latest post. Do you encounter any error? Which part do you find difficult? I'll help you to the best I can.
  3. Thank you for the information sir. Much appreciated
    1. You're welcome!
  4. How much $ you are earning monthly,
    using blog Or AdSense?
    1. I can't say about my AdSense earnings. However, I can tell you that AdSense income is not fixed. It depends on the quality of your writings and the traffic source.

      For a small blog with less than 1000 visitors a month, it may be able to earn $5-10 a month.

      But it depends on the quality of your articles and the visitors, so you can earn way more or way less than that. AdSense is contextual and personalized, therefore, higher quality website will be injected with higher paying ads.
  5. I have a blog that I've been doing since 2012 and have now followed these instructions and found that according to Google Search Console there are some posts from as long as 2018 that are not on Google ('URL is not on Google'). Yet when I do a quick 'site:' check it is there. I am a little confused.
    1. Perhaps because it got indexed a long time ago so Search Console hadn't recorded it. It might happened because you hadn't submit sitemap or if there are a bunch of url got indexed at once.

      If you can find it on Google then just ignore the search console's message. The search console data will get updated as the time goes on probably. If you're concerned, you can always request re-indexing even though the url is already in Google.
  6. Thank you
    1. I have also checked some old posts. Some are visible in Google, some are not. When i check with Search Console it says that it is not on Google but was successfully fetched by a crawl from a few weeks ago.
    2. Yeah, sometimes there might be anomaly like that. Not all crawled pages will be indexed (especially if the page is deemed to be not valuable, often mistakenly). Try to request re-indexing. If Google still refuses to index it, even after several days/weeks, try republishing old un-indexed pages in a new url. It might solve the problem.
  7. Thank you once again for your words of wisdom. I'll try and not any questions now for a few days.
  8. My posts are not indexing daily requesting for index but it had been 10 days not indexed yet please reply please
    1. That can happen for new blogs. Try posting in regular schedule. The more you post in timely manner, the faster you will get indexed. Bad quality blog (especially if it is spammy or not original) may also not get indexed. Make sure that your posts have value and not duplicate, otherwise Google will not index your blog. Then, try to share your posts in social media to increase the blog's discoverability.
  9. In 2021 indeks blogspot very hard and long,my blog kesukaanku.com article hard index maybe there is indexing premium for blogspot?
    1. There is no premium indexing option. Slow index can be caused by various factors such as: outdated theme, broken links, or deprecated script. I suggest you to try changing theme and check for dead links (including social media links).

      Also, try to share your post to various social medias. That way, your link discoverability will increase. Make sure that your search console is properly implemented as well.
  10. The content is very nice. Thanks for sharing ....
  11. Hi
    I have written new post in blogger during live test in search console it shows
    URL is not available to Google

    It cannot be indexed

    Page fetch : error : server error 5xxx
    Please help in fixing this !
    1. Check for broken links, otherwise you just need to wait. It's probably Blogger or Google error, so not really your problem.
  12. When we fill our post url in url incpestion tool then there show url is not on google and in down side it show sitemap n/a. What we do . please reply.
    1. What's the url? Maybe I can help you check it. Please note that not all url will get indexed, it sometimes depends on what is inside the url.
  13. hey!! you told to write this in sitemap --> sitemap-pages.xml and told about published pages i didnt understood it in my it is showing couldnt fetch what to do ? where to publish what ?
    please tell
    1. Check the picture from the step number 2, it is as clear as it get, especially with the image part highlighted in yellow. If you have no published posts and pages or if you have typo, you might get error. The error will resolve itself after you added posts and pages.
    2. Pages and posts are two different things, pages are the static part of the website. Usually pages are used for contact, about, privacy policy, etc. If you do not have published pages, there is no need to add the "sitemap for pages" then.
  14. my url indexing is showing cant index and showing url will be indexed only if certain conditions are met please tell what to do ?? :((
    1. What's the url? Perhaps I can check it.
  15. thank you for the content now I am understanding how to index my blog post in Google ...
  16. Please my url got rejected by search console, it say 5xxx, cannot be indexed. Please help me out
    1. That usually happened because of Blogger internal server error. It's usually temporary, you can try to re-index it in the next few days. There's nothing you can do about it unfortunately.
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    1. I did not create the theme, I bought it. Here is the latest article that discuss the template that I am using https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2021/09/fletro-pro-v6-best-premium-theme-blogger.html
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    1. A good blog should contain at least 100 published posts. Yours is too few.
    2. Thanks for your suggestion 🙂
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  21. Yes you can.