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Tips on Getting AdSense Approval for New Blogspot Users

It's not easy to get AdSense approval for your blogspot website. Follow the tips so that you can turn your passion into profit!
Blogspot is a free domain provided to those of you who are making websites using Blogger platform. You will be able to choose whatever name that you like for the subdomain as long as it's available. Blogspot is easy to set up and you can monetize it using AdSense once it becomes eligible.

Contrary to popular belief, Blogspot eligibility does not guarantee that your blog will be approved right away by AdSense. In fact, AdSense approval process is much stricter. Qualified or eligible blogspot will be reviewed again to see if it doesn't violate AdSense policy.

Furthermore, Blogger's new update has allowed us to add blogspot domain directly to our AdSense account. You no longer need to wait to become eligible/qualified, you can just add your blogspot blogs right away as long as you have an account. But again, getting the actual approval will be not easy.

Common AdSense Rejection Reasons

One of the most common policy violation is called "Valuable inventory: under construction". This warning often appears when you modify your blog while it's still being reviewed by AdSense.

 AdSense will reject your blog if it doesn't have sufficient content. For example, your blog may only contain three well-written published posts and get qualified. However, AdSense might think that the blog still does not have enough valuable content and therefore you receive a rejection message which says "Valuable inventory: no content".

AdSense valuable inventory no content

Another example, your blog is qualified but you change the theme before you request for approval. The new theme may contains error and you may receive a rejection message which says that "Site behaviour: Navigation".

If your blog violates multiple AdSense policy, you may not get the violation message in detail. You will only receive a message which says that your website is not suitable for AdSense.

In that case, you need to thoroughly audit your whole blog to identify the possible problematic spots. Your blog may get rejected multiple times but fortunately you are allowed to reapply after you have resolved the problems.

How to avoid AdSense rejection

In order to avoid policy violation and get AdSense approval, you can try the following tips:

1. Follow AdSense Eligibility Requirements

    Even though eligibility doesn't mean auto approval, your chance to be approved will be higher if you follow the requirements closely. It will guide you to create a blogspot website which is compatible with AdSense policy.

    2. Write long articles

    Based on my experience, blog which contains well-written long articles (at least 1000 words) will have a better chance to be approved. Of course not all of your articles have to be that long. You can mixed it up with shorter articles but please remember that a blog which contain only short articles will have harder time to get AdSense approval.

    3. Unique writing style

    If your blog is generic, you may have hard to be approved because AdSense may think that your article is not original. For example, a blog which only posts "Top 10" articles is considered to be generic. A blog about job listing,  fake product reviews, common how-to tips, bogus health tips, short current news rewrites, or common cooking recipe will also have a hard time to get approval. Be original!

    4. Double check your writing

    Use a proper grammar (correct tenses and sentence structure). Avoid typo. Write in a language that you understand well. I don't advise you to write in English if you are not able to write as good as a native speakers. AdSense may think that your blog is a spam website if you are using incorrect grammar because your articles will be nonsensical.

    5. Use responsive theme

    Your blog needs to be responsive in all devices. It needs to be able to load fast. Slow blog may prevent AdSense to review your blog properly. I usually use Contempo or Soho whenever I ask for approval. Then, I change it to fast-loading custom theme after my blog gets approved.

    6. Avoid using copyrighted materials

    If you need a copyright free pictures, you can download them from Getty image or Unsplash. Please note that images such as book covers or movie posters have copyright. You may be able to use those images after approval under "fair-use" but I don't recommend using them during review process.

    7. Avoid changing your theme during review process

    AdSense will reject a website which is still under construction. Before you apply, make sure that the theme does not contain error and the navigation works properly. Changing theme will send signal to AdSense that your website is still not ready. Modify your theme after you have the approval.

    8. Index your articles

    AdSense will only approve blog which can attract audience. If your blog is not indexed, you will have harder time to get visitors and thus you may get rejected. You can use Google Search Console to index Blogspot.

    9. Choose your subdomain name wisely

    People think that having a keyword in their domain name will increase their website rankings. This is not completely true. In fact, Blogspot subdomain which only contains keyword may be designated as spam website. This type of website will definitely be rejected by AdSense. Combining your own brand name and keyword may be better in some cases. Good Blogspot subdomain should be short and easy to remember.

    10. Be patience

    AdSense recommend your blog to be active for at least 6 months. Of course you can still get approval faster than that, but older blog tends to get approved much easier. Also don't reapply right away if you get rejected. Identify the problems first and take your time improving your blog!

    Always remember that it takes time to build a blog which can get AdSense approval. Beware of clickbaiter and scammers who claimed to be able to get AdSense approval quickly!

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    1. Please can you check out my blog and tell me where I'm lacking in

      My email is martinokafor433@gmail.com
      1. Answered via email, check your inbox!
    2. sir, please check my blog https://ssbguideonline.blogspot.com/
      can it become eligible for earning.
      how is its quality?
      and please share some tips on how can I improve it.
      1. At glance, your blog contents look alright. It contains useful information and the English is also not bad. Assuming that everything is original or good quality rewrites , you will have a chance to become eligible.

        However, your blog has not been indexed on Google Search page yet. Read my article about Google Search Console so that you can include your blogs in search page result (advice number 8).

        I believe you are aiming to create a blog about Indian armed forces and tips on getting accepted by the army. So you need to make sure that your content should reference the armed forces. For example, I notice that you write an article about Word Association Test. Instead of just writing about WAT in general, you can also write about how does WAT is done in Indian army specifically.

        Writing about current event analysis related to the army is also good addition for your blog content. I think it may have potential, you just need to be more creative to expand your blog content.

        Also try to format your article better so that visitor can read your article easier. Do not format it from MS word and copy it to Blogger, instead format it or write directly in Blogger. You can take a look at my articles, they have good formatting style.

        Then, I think you need to improve your blog interface. Stock theme such as Contempo, Essential or Emporio will be much better than Notable. You may also want consider trying custom theme such as Fiksioner (the one that I am currently using). Set up your blog's navigation menu by utilizing Label and static Pages.

        Good luck!
    3. also my blog is not indexing on google.
      how can i index it on google?
      1. Read advice number 8, follow the tutorial about Google Search Console.
    4. I did as you said Sir, and I saw in my AdSense account "We're working on setting you up".

      They once sent me an email that only thing is preventing me from getting approved for AdSense which is "You have another AdSense account, close it".

      Does that mean I have a greater chance of getting approved?

      Pls reply me @siggurd1000@gmail.com
      1. Answered via Email! AdSense only allows one account per person, but you can add multiple blog in one adsense account if your account is activated. Read my latest article about AdSense account activation.
    5. Hi please check my blog https://letmakeeducationsimple.blogspot.com pls reply asap
      1. Your blog has no content.
      2. If you are referring to https://letmakeeducationeasy.blogspot.com/ then I don't think it will be approved by AdSense either.

        Too few contents, low efforts, and generic articles. Also, article about hacking is also strictly forbidden.

        For beginner, read this article: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-write-adsense-friendly-article.html
    6. admissionpk.com follow all google adsene programs but adsene site behaviour navigation shows on it, please check it and help me
      1. Here is how to solve Site Behavior Navigation problem: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/08/solving-adsense-site-behavior-navigation.html