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Blogging and Betta Aquascaping - How to Find Inspiration for New Articles

Betta aquascaping is very relaxing. It is a perfect hobby for bloggers who have limited space. Find out how keeping a fish improve my productivity!

A writer's block is a situation that prevents bloggers from coming up with a new article. You may not be able to write a single sentence, no matter how much you try.

The idea suddenly stops coming. As a result, your blog gets no new update. To solve this problem, you may need to take your time off blogging for a little bit. Find fresh inspirations through aquascaping!

Recently, I am getting into Betta aquascaping. My knowledge about it is still so limited. However, I managed to convince myself to get a Betta fish and a small aquarium. I keep the fish on my desk, where I usually do blogging.

Surprisingly, it is very relaxing. My productivity is increasing. New ideas for my blog keep coming!

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mustard gas betta fish
My blogging buddy, Joni the Mustard Gas Betta. It has similar green-blue coloration with AdSense logo

According to my cousin, the owner of Don Betta, the fish is originated from Southeast Asia region. It is a hardy ornamental fish that does not require complicated care. It also can live in a limited space.

The Reason Why Betta is Perfect for Bloggers

Betta doesn't eat that much. The aquarium (tank) dimension required to keep a Betta is not that big. You do not need to buy a filter nor aerator because Betta can live without them. You may need a heater if you live in a cold area, though it is not expensive. You will not have to spend a lot of money keeping this fish. Moreover, a Betta is tiny, so it perfect for a desk buddy.

Because of its small size, Betta will not take too much space off your desk. You can put the aquarium next to your laptop. You can keep Betta with a 2.5 gallons aquarium.  Although the ideal size is at least 5 gallons.

The dimension of 2.5 gallons is approximately 30 (length) x 15 (width) x 20 (height) cm. The 5 gallons' dimension is 40 (length) x 20 (with) x 25 (height) cm. Theoretically, you can keep a Betta in a less than 2.5G aquarium. But, your Betta may not be too happy and won't live as long (the life span of a typical Betta is 3 to 5 years). If you have empty space on your blogging desk, such a small aquarium will be a perfect fit.

Keep in mind that Betta is an aggressive and territorial species. You should not put it with other fishes in a same tank. The small aquarium is also not great if you want to keep a lot of fish. However, even though your aquarium is only used by one fish, Betta's beauty will make sure that your desk looks way prettier.

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In my opinion, a pretty and orderly desk is the best way to prevent writer's block. A tidy blogging table will ensure that your mind will stay fresh. Keeping a Betta tank will amplify the relaxing effect.

Whenever you can't get a new idea, go take a look at your Betta companion. Feed it with 2-5 small Betta pellets. Use a mirror or your finger to make your Betta flare. 

Sleeping mustard gas betta
A Betta loves sleeping on leaves. Do not be alarmed if it pretends to be dead.

Flaring is a phenomenon that happens when a Betta is showing off its fins. It is a sign of aggression or to attract a female. A flaring Betta will look like a flower that suddenly blooms on your desk.

There are many Betta variants. It comes in various colors. I personally own a pair of mustard gas Betta. It is green, blue, and yellow! Please note that a male Betta is prettier than a female.

Generally, you can get a Betta for $5-$10. However, some variants can be expensive. But, for a beginner, a cheap male Betta is already marvelous!

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How to Take Care a Betta

You will need to buy some greens (water plants) and a bit of gravel for the aquascaping. You shouldn't decorate your Betta aquarium too much. The focus point of your aquarium is the colorful Betta, not the greenery.

To make your Betta happy, feed it at least twice a day, morning and evening. You can give it food more than that as long as you do not put in too many.

For instance, you can give the fish 1-2 pellets when you are catching a break. Typing and staring at the screen when you are blogging can be very strenuous. Feeding your Betta will relieve the stress.

Look at the video below by a youtuber named Foo The Flowerhorn, a Betta aquascaping expert. It is one of my personal goals to create similar aquarium.

Don't forget to change 20-30% of your aquarium's water. Just scoop the old water out and pour new fresh water in. Mix it with a little pinch of non-iodized salt (aquarium salt). Let your Betta gets exposed on morning sun once in  while, especially when the weather is chilly.

For further information about Betta keeping, you should ask your local pet store or online Betta forums. It's best to do research about it before you decide to buy one. It's a living creature so you should put effort to care for it.

In the end, keeping a pet fish is excellent for everybody, especially for bloggers. Betta aquascaping is soothing, not too difficult, and awe-inspiring. I recommend Betta for your desk companion and blogging buddy!

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