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How to Solve AdSense Policy Violation "Site Behavior: Navigation"

Site Behavior: Navigation is AdSense policy violation which happens because of bad navigation menu. Go create easy-to-navigate and clear menu!

One of the most common AdSense policy violation is Site Behavior: Navigation. It is often encountered by beginners who have just finished building their first websites.

Bad navigation menu is the main reason for Site Behavior: Navigation violation.

It is essential to provide good navigation system before you apply for AdSense. In fact, AdSense provides you with explicit requirements on how to create good navigation menu for your blog.

Your website has to have clear and easy-to-navigate navigation system. It is part of good user experience (UI/UX) requirements.

Having good UI/UX is an important factor which may decides whether your blog is approved or rejected by AdSense.

site behavior navigation adsense

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Solving AdSense Policy Violation "Site Behavior: Navigation"

The Site Behavior: Navigation is anobvious violation. So you should be able to solve it fairly quickly. Follow the steps to fix this violation: 

  1. If your blog doesn't have main navigation menu, then you should create one.
  2. Check for broken links in the menu and anywhere within the contents. You can use Broken Link Checker.
  3. Do not use external link for the main navigation menu. Use internal link only for the main menu. 
  4. Change the layout or the order of the menu, includes only essential and related menu.
  5. Check if the sub-menu is properly implemented.
  6. For Blogger users, use labels to classify your contents into sub topics.
  7. Use the labels links as your navigation menu. Put some of them in side bar for additional navigation system.
  8. Make sure that social media widgets are properly implemented. Do not leave them blank.
  9. Check every external links that you have inserted inside the articles to see if they are still properly reachable.
  10. Remove all misleading or false anchor texts and unrelated pages.
  11. Use public Blogger profile so that user can navigate to your profile page properly. 
  12. Do not use auto redirection script and pop-ups windows.
  13. If none of the above methods work, change your theme/template. Do not forget to backup the current theme before changing, in case you want to revert it back after approval.
site behavior navigation solution

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Follow the Good Navigation Menu Principle to "Prevent Site Behavior: Navigation"

If you are about to apply for AdSense, you need to pay attention to the three principles of good navigation menu so that you don't receive Site Behavior: Navigation violation.

Your blog's navigation bar or menu should have good alignment.  If you want to click of one of the menu,it should not be shifting around too much. Unstable navigation menu alignment might lead to missed click and user might choose the wrong menu, thus they get redirected to unwanted page.

Good navigation menu should have good readability. Choose proportional font size and clear font type for the menu. Users should be able to see and read the menu easily.

You should also pay attention to the functionality of the menu bar. Make sure that there is no broken link in the menu. The menu should always point to the correct and clear destination.

This blog, SofanMax, is an example of proper navigation menu. It is simple but it provides distinct classification and clear information.

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The Reasons Why Your Blog Receives Site Behavior: Navigation


A bad blog navigation system will leads to Site Behavior: Navigation. This type of AdSense rejection will occur if your blog contains the following elements:


Bad link redirect

When users click on an external link, they will be redirected to a different website. External link is an important element which can enrich your information. However, if you put an external link which points to malicious website, Site Behavior: Navigation will be triggered and your AdSense application may get rejected. 

Forced redirection using script is not allowed. You should not redirect users forcefully. Users are given freedom to click away or choose to stay. 

Using false anchor link is also considered as bad link redirect. You should only insert the link inside a sentence which is related to the destination of the link.

For example, if the anchor link says that it point to SofanMax blog, then the link should also contain SofanMax web address. If you link it to a blog which is unrelated to SofanMax, then you have deceived your users. Thus AdSense will reject your blog because of Site Behavior: Navigation.

A link which points to non-existent content

Such link is often described as 404 or page not found. It usually happens when you inserted a broken or wrong link. It can also happen when a link is pointing to old content which has been removed. If your blog contain too many broken links, Site Behaviour: Navigation may occur.


Unrelated Page

If your blog includes a post which is unrelated to the overall topic of your website, AdSense may reject you. Site Behavior: Navigation can be triggered when your blog's content is too random. It is always best to publish related information. 

False Claim of Download or Streaming

Using "free download" and "free streaming" as keywords may attract a lot of visitors. However, if you provide false download button or false streaming, AdSense will detect it as violation. Furthermore, having illegal download or streaming link is always bad idea because it is copyright infringement.

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The Importance of Good Navigation Menu in Regards to AdSense Approval

In principle, AdSense only allows monetization for blogs which provide useful and substantial information. Users should be able to find the information inside your blog easily and as promised. Your website should be easy to use and contain truthful information

So, a good blog should provide good navigation system. That way, visitors will be able to navigate or move around inside your blog to find the information. 

navigation is like a compass
Good navigation menu is like a compass. It guides users!

Users can navigate around your website via links. It can be in the form of navigation menu or links inserted inside the articles.

Navigation system can also point to external source. It is important to use a clear anchor link (the text in which the link is inserted). You have to explicitly make a clear distinction when an external link is used. That way, users will know when they are going to be navigated away from your website. 

Having good menu and good internal links will ensure that your visitors will stay. Related links will attract the readers to read more of your contents. That way you will gain more ads revenue.

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AdSense Rejection is Common - Do Not Give Up!

Every blogger who is interested in AdSense monetization gets rejected at least once. It is not uncommon because AdSense policy can be quite strict. Even subtle violation sometimes may trigger rejection. 

You might think that there is nothing wrong with your blog. But upon closer inspection, there is always an imperfection.

You are allowed to reapply anytime. However, it is always wiser to take your time improving the quality of your website. 

AdSense approval can not be done in haste. In fact, if you are too hasty, AdSense may prevent you to reapply until certain amount of time has passed.

AdSense violation can be triggered by various reasons. If your blog violated more than two policies, AdSense sometimes will not even bother to specify your mistakes. You will have to do a comprehensive audit to identify the problems.

However, if you only violates less than two policies, AdSense may specify the source of the problem. You can see the detail of the violation from the Sites section of your AdSense account.

It is not easy to get approval, but if you carefully inspect and change your blog for the better, you will be able to solve any AdSense Policy violations, including Site Behaviour: Navigation.

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  1. Hello Sofanmax. I am confused in a matter, please help me.

    Do I should enable custom robots header tag in blogger if I use Google Search Console?
    1. You do not have to do it, Blogger's default setting for robots header tag is already good enough. If you are curious about customizing the setting, read this article: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/06/optimizing-blogger-robot-header-tags-increase-traffic.html

      Some blogs may actually perform better with default setting.
  2. hello sir
    i need your help
  3. Site Behavior: Navigation
    my site https://www.amablog.xyz/
    1. Check your Disclaimer page and Contact form page. Perhaps they are the cause, empty page/unidentified script. Try remove them for now and you can re-add them later.

      Furthermore, read the article and review each point carefully. If you think that your website is good, you can resubmit.
  4. good morning sir, should i remove them and resubmit for reveiw, or.......?
    1. Yes, you can try that.
  5. Pls help me on my web rotmusic.com
    1. Here's a tips for AdSense approval: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/06/tips-to-get-adsense-approval-blogspot.html
  6. Sir i got site behavior navigation issue, plz check my blog, i could not find error.
    Plz help me sir.
    1. Your social media listed on your blog points to different destination, that could be the reason. Follow by Email gadget in Blogger is also deprecated, might cause the error as well. Also, your articles seem to lack internal links.
  7. Sir please check my website as it got "Site behavior: Navigation" problem
    1. Your website doesn't seem to be aligned correctly. There is a big blank space above it when I opened it on phone. Try changing theme.
  8. Sir i got site behavior navigation issue, please check my blog it will be very helpful and appreciated.
    1. You probably needs more category labels in your main navigation. Don't put that sitemap.xml in there.
    2. Thanks bro, you are great ❤️ love your work 👍 and also with the navigation error i got other 4 sub errors
      False claims of downloadable or streaming content
      Linking to content that does not exist
      Redirecting users to irrelevant and/or misleading webpages
      Text on a page unrelated to the topic and/or business model of the website.
      How to fix these also?
    3. Those are just examples of what cause the main error. If you do have that kind of things in your website, you should remove them. Otherwise, you can adjust the navigation and you should be able to solve this specific violation.
    4. Bro check it right now and tell me please : https://triggeredgamers.blogspot.com/?m=1
    5. Your navigation looks fine now. However, be advised, that will not guarantee approval because other violation may be discovered later (and you can always reapply later). If I were you, I will not reapply right away now, instead post some more articles for higher chance of approval. Here are some useful tips: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/06/tips-to-get-adsense-approval-blogspot.html
    6. Thanks bro ❤️ let see what will happen!! If again any problem occur i will post some more posts and will re apply it 👍
    7. Bro does the download link of files create problem? (File is fully accessible) not a broken link
    8. Could be, if it violates copyright or trigger pop-up. Otherwise it should be fine. But if you just want to be sure, you can always remove them temporarily and re-add them after approval.
    9. No bro! No pop up's and copyright issue! Just proper mediafire and google drive link, that's all. And also in some posts external reference to wikipedia. But i'm removed that reference links today before approving again
    10. External link inside an articles are fine. Well, good luck.
    11. Brother again got rejected facing same problem 'navigation' idk how to fix this after i'm just cleared all the errors 😞 can you please help me 😭 or is there any alternatives to adsense that work?
    12. Oh bro i just find out one problem that the 'contact us' page on button is blank 😅 just now fixed that!
    13. If you had paid attention to my advice, I had told you to WAIT and NOT reapply right away until you have more articles for higher chance of approval. Reapply only after your website is well developed.

      For a navigation to be relevant, you will need to have a lot of content first, 30 to 40 well-written posts. Then, each label category should contains at least 3-5 posts. Right now, some of you category only contain one post. Your navigation works fine but when there is only one item under that menu, then that's not great at all.

      Also, have you tried changing theme? Sometimes it might help. Moreover, try adding internal link inside your article.

      I don't think any other decent AdSense alternative will accept your blog either (except maybe some spammy adult ads providers) as it is still very underdeveloped. As of right now, even if you are able to monetize your blog, I guarantee you will not be able to make substantial amount of money yet. You simply need MORE content.

      Please re-check above article for possible solutions.
    14. Sure ❤️ thanks bro ❤️
  9. Hello team .. I got the site navigation issue . Please check my blog www.truetechniques.com
    1. Not quite sure, could be because you simply don't have enough content yet especially in the Youtube category.
  10. Hello , I am a beginner in blogging . So first, your blog theme is superb , I also want to built , how I can built my blog's theme . Check out my both blog http://www.factofamily.blogspot.com , https://www.savers7.blogspot.com and tell how I can improve them. I also want to know that how you have coded your blog ?
    1. My theme is premium only, you can buy similar theme at jagodesain.com or igniel.com, they are reputable theme designers from Indonesia. For free custom theme and how to install it, you can search it yourself on Google.I don't code my own blog, in fact I don't know much about coding at all.

      Advice to improve your blog: stop making top 10 articles (listicle). Stop making articles that contain only simple facts, you need to go beyond just stating fact, go in-depth. Create original articles based on your own unique style based on reputable external sources and your own expertise. Learn how to write. Never do a direct copy, write them in your own words. Do not use tools to generate article.

      Get personal with your own writings, state your personal experience and juxtapose it with the reality of the world. Develop opinion, direction, or guide based on your knowledge and back it up with external sources.

      For example, the article above is my own personal experience combined with research from various sources on how to deal with Site Behaviour: Navigation.

    2. Thanks for your response as there are only few ones who response to beginners
  11. https://abhishektipsntricks.blogspot.com/
    Check My Site Please
    1. You literally violates false download claim policy. Non existence link even though the title says "download" which is very misleading and usually will trigger violation. You are also possibly violating multiple copyrights (free premium apk, tools, templates, softwares, etc. those are no go). I don't think AdSense accept websites that mainly provides questionable downloadable contents nowadays.
  12. Hi sir,

    I got Navigation issue as non compliance. Its been almost a week and I have gone through many articles and videos to understand the error and rectify the same but I couldn't find my mistake in navigation. I have read all the above comments and surprised to see that you replied to all of them. Can you please check my site and advise me if your experience can help me in finding the navigation problem.

    Thanks in advance sir.

    My site - https://commercejob5.blogspot.com/
    1. I notice that all of your articles only contain external links. It may trigger this violation. Insert at least one internal link inside your articles. If you read my posts, you will notice the "Read also" part, it gives visitors extra navigation option.

      AdSense may also think that your navigation is not good enough because of the unfamiliar abbreviation (CS, CA, CMA, etc). So perhaps do not abbreviate them, to give users clearer understanding.

      If you are absolutely sure that you have good navigation, but AdSense still rejects you with the same violation, try changing your theme and your website layout.
    2. Thank you for your guidance
  13. Hello, I am following you very soon. Your present theme and customization is really great. We need some guide on it. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello sir, I need your help, I got site behavior navigation three times, I have done whatever I can do, but can not find the error can you please review My blog https://naukarilelobhai.blogspot.com/
    1. Please read the article above, you need to put some of the labels as navigation menu, add internal links, change the layout of your menu, and if everything still doesn't work, change the theme.
  15. Hello sir I am Getting Valuable Inventory No Content Error

    technowledge123.blogspot.com my site link
    1. For valuable inventory no content error, please read this article: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2021/06/fix-valuable-inventory-no-content.html
  16. Hello sir I a have not any issues but it show navigation error my website is zacnut.blogspot.com
    Can you check and tell me what's the problem is?
    1. Please read and try the method I've listed above for possible solutions.
  17. Sir I have one question ? If I generated traffic from bot can i success
    1. If you want to become a blogger and earn income from AdSense, then the answer will be a big NO. To become successful blogger, you need to aim to create a website that real people want to visit and give value. Bot traffics have no value in this regard.
  18. To get ADSENSE approval how old should be my site ?
    1. Age is not a factor in AdSense approval. However, typically, older website have more contents and steady visitors so the approval will be much easier.
  19. Sir, I got site behavior navigation error then I made changes in my navigation menu after going though different articles and your post . So kindly check my website and please let me know if it is ok now to grant the adsense approval and if the site behavior navigation error is rectified or not.
    My website is - https://knowledgeprey.blogspot.com/
    1. The navigation looks fine. If error still happens, try different template.
  20. is there any other issue to my site apart from navigation or is it good for adsense approval ?
    1. No clue, you will know if there is rejection. Check my other articles to spot problems.
  21. Hi can you see my website I just got rejected for this reason
    1. Your navigation menu is not working properly or non existent on phone. The floating crypto prize list probably also triggered this violation.
  22. http://www.xn--futballarna-jbb.hu/
    Helló adsense navigation issue: what's wrong with the site?
    1. Well you navigation is not working. All of the menu seems to return the same contents. Additionally, you have two same navigation menus, that's redundant.
  23. Can you help me? How do I do it? Thanks
    1. I can't, contact your hosting provider or template provider to modify it if you do not know how to. I am not familiar with your platform.
  24. Please check it https://vtartngames.blogspot.com
    1. You don't have enough content.
  25. Hi, thanks for the info. Can you please guide me on why is my site getting rejected for Site Behaviour: Navigation issue? My domain is https://www.moreonfew.com . Thanks in advance!
  26. I am only familiar with Blogger platform so I can't help you much. Your article titles at your home page is not clickable. Probably the reason why you get the error.