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Experience on Applying for Google Adsense: "Valuable inventory: Under construction"

Valuable inventory: under construction is a common reason why your blog is rejected by AdSense. This article will guide you to solve this problem.

I managed to have my first Google AdSense approval not too long ago. It was quite a challenge. I encountered a problem with "Valuable inventory: Under construction". It was a bit frustrating when I kept getting rejected over and over due to this problem. Google AdSense did not elaborate clearly what exactly was wrong with my website so I had to do a lot of trial and error in order to fix the problem.

Based on my experience, the amount and the quality of posts are two significant factors in order to tackle this problem. Each post doesn't have to be too long, 500-1000 words per post apparently will suffice. I got AdSense approval with 21 published posts with an average 600 words per post. The articles should have certain level of quality and uniqueness.

It shows that advertisers would rather put their ads in a finished website with sufficient contents. AdSense will think that your blog doesn't have enough valuable inventory if it is lacking good posts. You also need to have a recently written article to show that your website is still active.

#Update 11 May 2019: It appears that the number of post may be irrelevant to Adsense approval, one of my blogs which only had 4 published posts was approved, although it did have over 1000 words per post when I applied. This is my second blog in the same Adsense account. It seems that AdSense value quality over quantity.

#Update 14 February 2020: Make sure that there is no broken links in your website. If you are using Blogger, please note that invisible/deleted profile may result in broken links. I also notice that many people who got rejected are using obsolete Blogger template (remember that Google+ is no longer active). You can use https://www.brokenlinkcheck.com in order to check for 404 pages.

Update 11 May 2020: A lot of people who received this type of AdSense policy violation appear to have low quality articles. The contents are usually too short, unoriginal rewrites, low efforts, and have bad grammars. Please learn how to write properly!

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Valuable Inventory Under Construction
AdSense Notification After Rejection

Valuable inventory: Under construction can also happen if you modify your website while it is still being reviewed by AdSense. It may send a signal to AdSense that your blog is still under construction, and thus not ready to display advertisments. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR WEBSITE'S LAYOUT OR THEME AND DO NOT POST OR ADD PAGES DURING ADSENSE APPROVAL WAITING TIME.

I figured this out when they keep rejecting me several times after I did even minor changes to the layout and theme or even just adding a page. It's because Google AdSense would only put ads on a complete website, minor changes would be seen as a sign that your website is not ready.

Once you have published 15-20 articles with adequate amount of words, go take a break from posting for 3-4 days so that Adsense will be able to review your website properly.

Approval Adsense Application
Successful Adsense Application

Another thing to consider is to choose a mobile friendly theme for your website. My blog is responsive and it can be displayed properly in phone, tablet, or computer screen. Make sure that your website can be navigated easily. Try to add  Home, About Me and other necessary pages.

You need to make sure that your website is as user-friendly as possible. Bad user interface may also contribute to Valuable inventory: under construction violation. Your visitor should be able to read your article easily. Therefore, you have to use user-friendly color scheme and proper fonts.

I had to wait around 2 weeks at first when I used classic theme, but after I changed it to a mobile friendly theme - after I got rejected for changing the theme, of course - AdSense accepted my application within 3-4 days. Although don't quote me on this one, since it's only based on my one time observation but it's still worth a try.

Mobile Friendly Blog Theme
Responsive Theme: Mobile View

Incorrect usage of redirection can be fatal to your website visibility. I used to redirect my main page incorrectly only to find out that Google bot crawler won't index my website so it did not show up in Google Search result. Check if your website is indexed by Google by typing site:https://yourwebsiteaddress.com.

AdSense does not clearly mention whether you need to have your website indexed or not so that you can get approval. However AdSense does stated, in its eligibility requirement, that your blog needs to be able to attract an audience. To ensure that your blog is properly managed and can be found on Google by your potential audience, go register to Google Search Console.

Make sure that your website can be crawled by AdSense. You can check whether AdSense crawler, User-agent: Mediapartners-Google, can scan your pages in your website's robot.txt. You don't have to worry about this if you're using Blogger website though. By default, Blogger robot.txt is fine as it is. In fact, editing robot.txt in Blogger may lead to crawl error if you don't know what you are doing for sure.

It will not be easy and require a lot of patience if you are not lucky, but remember that you can keep re-applying even though AdSense told you that your website has Valuable inventory: Under construction problem. After you gain AdSense's approval, make sure that you do not violate Google Adsense Program Policies! Otherwise your hard work to get AdSense approval would be all for nothing.

In conclusion, in order to solve Valuable inventory: Under construction, you have to make sure that you have adequate amount of  good quality articles, do not change your blog layout and theme, don't post or add new pages during the waiting period, and make sure your website layout is up to date and mobile friendly. Try to reapply then keep writing articles while you're waiting for your application to be accepted, keep your website growing!

Do you find this article to be useful? It takes patience to be able to get your Adsense approval, read more articles related to technology in this website. Don't forget to subscribe to my news letter for more useful articles.

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  1. Hey i need your help
    Same problem valuable inventory under construction
    My site is funnyjoke.com
    1. What's the problem?
    2. You may contact me via email if you wish for faster reply.
  2. Problem is my site is not getting adsense approval
    1. Sorry for slow reply. What's your website link? I think the one that you linked was not yours. If it is "valuable inventory: under construction" try to reapply then stop posting for a day or two. Don't forget to make sure that you never change your website theme during the application process (not even small edits). You can make some changes to theme and continue posting after you get approval.
  3. How did you get approval on https://sofanmax.blogspot.com
    1. You have to wait until your Blogger domain become eligible. For detailed explanation you can read this article: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2019/12/how-to-get-adsense-approval-for-blogger.html
  4. can you help me getting approval to teenromancemovies.com. I am getting the same error in adsense.
    1. Sure, I'll try to help to the best I can.

      I think you have indexed your website properly (remember to apply for google webmaster!), and all navigation links and pages seem to work well.

      However I noticed that all of your contents are posted in 31st December and there has been no new post ever since. It is possible that this caused the error.

      I suggest you post more, 2-3 articles or more, before reapplying. Also, instead of posting 3 posts all at once in one day, try to spread it out, one post per day for example. Once you've post in regularly everyday you can try to reapply again.

      You've only just begun, it's normal to get rejected for multiples time, and Blogger with custom domain should eventually get approved provided that you post regularly and your content is original. Do your best!
    2. Can I know after how many days can I reapply. I mean after posting 3 different posts on three different days? Kindly tell.
    3. Yep try to post 3 different post regularly for 3 days. Then reapply. It does not guarantee that you will get approved right away though, but it's worth a try. If it does not work then you repeat the process. Lack of regular contents are often the cause of this problem after all.

      I have read before that in region such as China and India, the domain should be few months old before it can get AdSense approval, though I can not confirm this. Where are you from?

      Also, I think you should work on your content, post more, focus on that. There is no need to be impatience. If you post regularly, your website rank will improve and you will get more visitor, there is no point of having AdSense if you don't post regularly.
  5. I am seeking a honest answer. Can you answer me honestly? The question is: how much you are able to earn from your website: sofanmax.blogspot.com? And can I know your monthly traffic?
    1. Unfortunately I can't disclose my income information. From this website alone, it is very meager.

      If you want to make living from AdSense, you have to own at least 10 working websites to get decent regular income. You can combine AdSense with affiliate program from Amazon or your own country's online shop to earn more.

      As for traffic, there are 100-300 visitors each month, and I get around 1000 page views from those visitors.
    2. Do you know anything about traffic and micro niche? Can you guess the time taken by this micro niche :" teenromancemovies.com" to rank on the first page of google.
    3. A little bit, it's hard to guess something like that. There are a lot of tools in order to help you to improve your ranking, but I personally don't use them. You can also use social media to drive more traffic

      To estimate your page ranking, you can look into your Google Webmaster data. You'll see which key words generate the most impressions and you may be able to improve from there.

      In order to appear on the first page of google you have to create unique article, instead of broad scope. My post "Review: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou" for example is in the first page of Google.

      This is why it is important to have a lot of posts, each post should try to be specific, for example you review a specific teen romance movie title. That way, you will be able to know which key words are popular in your website. Broad scope keyword will have a lot of competition.
    4. In the end, it comes down to how well you are able to write. It takes practice.
  6. Will google penalize a exact match domain in the name of a Hollywood movie? (Like the perfect date, let it snow, Mr. Bean etc. ) (In the same vein, a micro niche called the flipkart-customer-care.website was penalized!)
    1. I don't know for sure but you may face the risk of having legal issue with the movie's copyright holder. It may also counts as phishing if you pretend to be the official website and phishing is illegal. In my opinion, it's bad practice .

      Good domain name should be short, original, and memorable, it doesn't have to match the content of your website. Just focus on what you write in your posts and use interesting post title. For example, you can make an article titled as "The Perfect Date: The Best TV Show to Watch in Valentine Day". Originality is important.
  7. A important question! Can you clear my doubt regarding the meaning of niche in blogging. ("Don't start writing the answer") The main question is: If i create a website with a domain name of whatis.com (with any suffix or prefix). Will it rank? Will it be a niche website providing a broad definition for anything. My intent is to provide definitions, pros,cons,applications etc. You can check the under-construction website pointing at : (https://kwhatis.blogspot.com) Will it outrank the websites like: merriam-webster.com,vocabulary.com,definitions.net or the wikipedia?
    1. To answer your first question, whether your domain name can rank or not depends on the content of your website. It can rank if you write interesting post.

      This website for example, if you google "sofanmax" you will find my website in the first rank. But this does not matter much, because people does not search website name/domain. People search website contents.

      For the second question, If you content is about broad definition of something, then it may be hard to rank. In my opinion, it will be very hard to outrank merriamwebster.com,vocabulary.com,definitions.net or wikipedia.

      If you want to provide pros and cons and applications, that can be done, but choose interesting post title.

      For example "Lamborgini vs Ferari: Which one is the fastest?" or "History of Ford, how it become successful company" or "what is the pros and cons owning a ferari", then you can start to compare cars, their specification and pro and cons and so on.

      Honestly I don't think article such as "What is car?" can rank in the first page. I can be wrong but it is unlikely. Instead of providing broad definition about car you can try "10 Reasons why car the worst transportation method in 2020" for example.

  8. Should i pick a particular topic and start providing answers to what is this, what is that etc. Or should i go with providing what is for any kind of topic. (It may be about cars, computers,clothes,celebrities or literally anyhting in the world) Which way should i go? Is what is a complete niche on itself. (Just like wikihow) pLease comment!!
    1. The topic that you should choose depend on you. As I have said, it is hard to predict which topic will become successful. But I think as long as you have originality, you can rank eventually.

      It is hard to say which direction you should take. You need Google Webmaster to estimate the performance of your website.

      I don't know whether "what is" is a niche or not, I don't think it matter much. Keyword is more important thing to consider in my opinion. Perhaps "what is" but in non-english language may have less competitor, I can't say for sure though.

      Good luck, also have your adsense application approved yet?
    2. Yeah, I've just applied. Let's see what adsense does. Fingers crossed!!
    3. let me know how it goes
  9. No, it is not approved. Pls help further. I received this mail at 6:15 pm
    1. https://www.teenromancemovies.com/2020/01/teen-romance-movies-2016.html was posted today and it has no content, did you post that after you reapply?
  10. Yeah! It was posted after the email. So, what to do next?
    1. What do you mean? Did you post it during the review process? DON'T post anything during the review process.
  11. No, I posted it after getting the rejection email from AdSense.
  12. It wasn't posted during the review process.
    1. Possibly because some of the pages have not been indexed, have you index your page via google webmaste/search console? Every time you post, you have to submit the link to google webmaster.

      For now delete the empty post, and index your website properly, then reapply again
    2. Make sure you also index the about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy pages.
  13. is everything right with the images? I have picked them from google and then just photoshoped. Are they okay?
    1. Can't say for sure if image is the cause or error. It's always better to use copyright-free image tho
    2. After I look into your website again, the website navigation may be the cause of error. It's confusing. You need to put menus just like my website. Your website logo is probably also too big.

      I don't know if you theme is the problem but, for your information, I used the default blogspot contempo theme when I was applying for blogger. After I got approved I change the theme to the one I like.
    3. Also I just notice that your current blogger theme is obsolete. Google+ is no longer working. You may want to change it into newer theme or using the default blogger theme during the application period.
  14. Hey sofanmax,
    for reapplying for adsense - it says - policy violations. However, earlier it was saying under contrucytion error.
    1. Hello, please make sure that your website navigation is clear. You don't even put 'home' button in your website. You can check https://solarseo.blogspot.com for example, a simple but AdSense-approved blog.

      Also again, don't use copyrighted images and write good article (proper grammar, in-depth information, be interesting, etc.). I am sorry that my advice has not been working out for you, try to post something in adsense help center for more info.
  15. thank you good writing achievements
  16. Hello I have applied for Adsense recently and I got the "page under construction" response. My blog is viralmag.com.ng please check it out and give me your response on it. Thank you
    1. Hello Samuel, your blog looks alright at first glance (assuming that all of your contents are original). Please reread my article carefully. There are several possibilities as to why you get the error:

      A lot of your posts are very short. Remember that AdSense love longer but informative articles. Please consider writing longer post in the future. Try at least 400 words per post, I run a news blog too and it got approved relatively easy.

      The second possibility, and most likely what cause the rejection, is that you are posting/changing something in your blog while you are pending for approval.

      Third possibility is that your social media button in the blog theme such as twitter and fb are not working properly (I got approved despite this problem though, but other people report that this could be problematic).

      And last, your website is too young. You've only just begun posting since April 25th. Based on my experience, it is easier to get approval for older website. There's no reason to be impatience to get monetized.

      Make sure that you follow Blogger and AdSense content policy. Don't forget to index your website too, https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-index-blogger-post-google-search-console.html

    2. Hey thanks for your reply but one more thing, does it mean I should not post anything on my website because it takes about three days for Adsense to reply me.
    3. Yes, if you read my article, that's exactly what I said. You can write more articles and put them in draft. Publish it once you receive reply from AdSense.

      However right now AdSense seems to reject a lot of websites, even proper websites with good quality articles, due to Covid-19. Also, based on my observation, new website with Covid-19 news will definitely get rejected to prevent disinformation and spam.

      So I really doubt that you will get approved any time soon. In my honest opinion, in the mean time you should focus on fixing your content quality.
  17. Please check for blog https://selfreform.info/.it has got site under construction .please help me out this problem.
    1. Hello Shree, please try to reread carefully my post. It is obvious why you got rejected.

      The originality of your content is questionable. For example your article about analyzing business idea, it is a direct copy from other sources. You have to write in your own way and provide additional valuable information, otherwise AdSense might think that your website is still lacking valuable inventory. Researching is fine but directly copying someone else writing is called plagiarism, you are a student so you should know this thing.

      While AdSense seems to value quality over quantity, it is still better to have more contents. You only start blogging this month and your content quality and quantity is very underdeveloped. You will get a better chance of approval if you have at least 20 good quality articles with at least 700 words each.

      Furthermore, your articles are hard to read. Choose better fonts and use better formatting (look at how I format my articles in this blog). You are also using different font colors, it is not good for your article readability. In order to solve valuable inventory under construction, you have to make sure that your content is easy to read and easy to interact with.

      I hope that you are not discouraged, good luck!
  18. Thanks
  19. Saya juga.. setelah 2 kali ditolak, akhirnya diapprove.. ini udah berjalan beberapa bulan sih, lagi semangat nyetak tulisan biar kemungkinan pendapatan iklan bisa meningkat.. 🤭🤭🤭

    Tadinya pingin komen pake Bahasa Inggris, tapi kok grammarku amburadul. Ya sudah, Bahasa Indonesia sajah.
    1. Siaaap semangat nulis lah pokoknya! Tidak apa-apa lah pake Bahasa Indonesia 👍, in fact you are the first person to comment on my blog using Indonesian language.

      Terima kasih atas kunjungan baliknya mbak, hehe.
  20. User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Disallow: /category/
    Disallow: /tag/
    Allow: /

    Sitemap: https://codingwallah.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml

    It is my robot.txt file
    I am getting an error called indexed through blocked by robot.text.
    1. Blogger doesn't have /category/ and /tag/ so it is pointless to disallow them. /search is disallowed by default and you shouldn't indexed this url anyway. It's better to revert your robots.txt to default. Other than that there is nothing wrong with it.

      Check your index coverage in Google search console, real error is marked in red. If you find red one, you should check what's wrong with it. Meanwhile valid with warning is marked in yellow which is normal for urls which are blocked in robots.txt (the urls which you don't want to index). It's usually just false positive warning.
  21. Sir I am not getting AdSense approval my page had got AdSense option on blogger but I had only one post and also I didn't know what theme I have to choose please help friend my website is technonpedia.blogspot.com
    1. Well, once you have more than 30 posts you may consider applying for AdSense. You will never get approval with just one published post. Concentrate on making good and long articles, read about it here: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-write-adsense-friendly-article.html
  22. Can we talk in email
    1. You can email me anytime or use social media. If you've got Instagram, you can follow me @omudesk
  23. Hello Author, I have started two blogs recently. One is for Daily News and another one is for Online Form Filling for Govt. Jobs, Admit cards, Results etc. I am getting the same issue of Valuable Inventory : Under Constructions for both my Blogs. My blogs are apna-news-adda.blogspot.com and sarkari-naukri- network.blogspot.com . Kindly visit my both blogs and reply as soon as possible.
    1. Your blog contains pop-under ads. I believe that's against AdSense policy.

      Also, AdSense values originality (both articles and pictures). It is possible that there is not enough valuable contents yet inside your blogs because they seem to be lacking in originality.

      The only way to get approval with news website is to write in-depth reporting (editorial style). That way you will provide additional value and originality.

      Same goes to your online form filling/job vacancy blog. You are essentially only republish them, so there really is no originality.

      Unfortunately, AdSense rarely accepts those kind of blogs nowadays. If you are interested to get AdSense, you have to write your own articles with fresh and unique idea.

      Moreover, as you have stated yourself, you are only start blogging recently. Newly made blogs are rarely to get accepted. You have to be active blogging for few months, usually that will give you better chance.

      Read about how to write AdSense friendly article here: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-write-adsense-friendly-article.html

      And also learn how to index your blog post here: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-index-blogger-post-google-search-console.html

      Cheers and happy blogging!
  24. Please help us. It showing Valuable inventory: Under construction

    Blog name trendingnewsbyds.blogspot.com
    1. Answered via Instagram.
  25. Hi my website name is "shobjanta.tech" I have this same issue "valuable inventory under construction". I reapplyed instent. Now how much time it will take to approved my website. Can you please help me. I got this error after 2 weeks of applying. Can you please let me know my website could be approved of not. Please help me.. My email is raj997899@gmail.com.. please...
    1. The contents of your website seems to be not original. Fake tech reviews like that are hardly getting approved these days. It's not impossible but I suggest you to cover different topics which are not too common.

      Furthermore, your website is still only two weeks old. It will not be approved anytime soon. All you can do is making sure that your website gets regular traffic and regular new articles.

      Also do not forget to register your website to Google Search Console. Good luck.
    2. And for this one, can i get approved in 1 month??
    3. It may take few months, depending on the quality of your website. Low quality contents, like fake reviews, usually will not get approval at all.
  26. Hi bro. This is my another website "reazulislam.websire". Can you please tell me can i get approved on adsense by it.. please let me know.. tnxx
    1. It is still very new and under developed. I suggest that you try to get approval after few months of posting regularly.
    2. thank you so much
  27. My website about lyrics adsense say site underconstruction www.lyricsfib.com kindly visit for checking what is wrong or mistake on my website thank you....
    1. Lyrics and download websites are copyright infringement and not original. It's unlikely that AdSense will approve you until you post your own contents.
  28. Hii bro my website howgetapk.in and I will apply adsence it's showing Valuable inventory: Under construction what i do
    1. You should forget about AdSense and use different monetization method. Website about downloading stuffs (moreover illegal downloads) will never be approved.
  29. Please Check the website www.quotesnursery.com
    it's showing Valuable inventory: Under construction
    1. I don't think quotes are considered as original. Publish additional real articles. Try to reapply once your blog is mature enough, maybe in 1-2 more months. Right now it is still too new and lacking in content quantity.
  30. This is one of the most comprehensive article discussing about "Valuable inventory: Under construction". I am one of the "rejected bloggers", of course. You have told me all that I did during waiting time. I posted new articles, changed templates, edited pages, and so on. Moreover, I think my posts are also low in quality and I am considering to rewrite most of them. If you don't mind, this is my blog howtopsychic.blogspot.com, perhaps you want to visit in the coffee time. Thank you for writing this very good article. I really appreciate that.
    1. I am glad that I could provide some insights! The key is patience. Always keep improving and, surely, the approval will naturally come. Best of luck to you!
  31. Please help me. It showing Valuable inventory: Under construction
    I have try my best, please check weather is any recommendation
    Blog name: https://financialindependenc.blogspot.com/
    1. Please read the article, your question is already answered above.
  32. Can I get your theme.
  33. You can buy my theme here: https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2022/01/fletro-pro-v61-blogger-theme-with-great-core-web-vitals.html