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How to Use Twitter Summary Card in Blogger Theme - Tweet Optimization

Twitter Summary Card can be implemented in Blogger theme. It will help your blog to gain greater presence in Twitter!

Summary Card is an important feature which should be enabled by every blogger who would like to have stronger presence in Twitter. You can implement Twitter summary card in your Blogger theme so that your website will look more attractive when it is being tweeted.

It is indisputable that Twitter is currently the most important social media platform. World leaders and important figures use it as an alternative official channel to communicate their policies and activities.

The potential is huge and therefore you should also utilize Twitter to improve your Blogger websites traffic.

The maximum number of characters in a tweet is 280. The limited space means that you have to be efficient when tweeting your blog article. The Twitter summary card will optimize your blog's presence inside a tweet. 

Continue to read the article to understand the importance of implementing Twitter summary card in a Blogger theme and how to use it!


Optimizing Your Blogger Website in Twitter

Just tweeting your article's URL is not enough to gain an audience. A tweet should be interesting and has rich appearance. You should provide context so that Twitter users would be more willing to click on your link.

Your blog will look lame in Twitter if you do not enable the summary card in the blog's theme. Look at the picture below, the blog doesn't contain a valid Twitter card:

A tweet about blog without valid Twitter card
Without a valid summary card, a tweet will only show URL. Tweet users will be reluctant to click on such such website.

There are several cards provided by Twitter which can be applied in your website. The most revelant Twitter card for bloggers is Summary Card.

If your blog blog has enabled Twitter's Summary card, it will look richer and way more attractive when it is being tweeted. Look at the picture below:

A tweet about blog with valid Twitter card

As you can see that a blog with Summary Card will display more attractive appearance when it is being tweeted. It shows a small image thumbnail and the search description. Twitter users will likely to click on the website.

You can check whether your Blogger theme has a valid summary card via Twitter's Card Validator.

  • Do it from Twitter Card Validator.
  • Insert you link inside the validator then press "Preview Card" 
  • If the validator says "Unable to render Card preview", your Blogger theme has no valid Summary Card yet.
No valid card in twitter validator card

If your Blogger theme has no valid card yet, continue reading! You can add Twitter summary card in any Blogger theme, even if it is default themes.

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Inserting Twitter Summary Card in Blogger Theme

You would be able to activate the card by inserting special Twitter meta tag inside your Blogger theme. It is actually very simple. 

Follow the instruction to insert a valid Twitter Summary card inside your Blogger theme:

  • Go to your Blogger dashboard and select Theme.
  • Select Edit HTML.
  • Insert <meta content='summary' name='twitter:card'/> under the Blogger's <head>.
  • Click "Save" then go to Twitter Card Validator.
  • Insert your blog URL, if you have successfully inserted the summary card, the thumbnail will be shown.
  • You can also immediately check it out by tweeting your blog.

If your blog contain high resolution images, you can choose to display larger thumbnail. In order to enable big thumbnail, use the following  meta tag: <meta content='summary_large_image' name='twitter:card'/>. 

tweet with large image twitter summary card

The visibility of your Blogger website will be increased tremendously with the large image summary card. Twitter user will be way more interested to click your blog.

However, it only works if your blog serve high quality image. If it only serves low quality images, the big thumbnail may have negative impact because it'll look ugly in Twitter. People do not want to click on bad images.

Surprisingly, a lot Blogger themes, especially the free ones, do not contain valid Twitter Summary Card. A lot of theme designers seem to neglect Twitter optimization even though it very simple to implement. Go check your theme and improve it!

If you are looking for a theme with a built-in Summary Card, I recommend you to try Fiksioner v3!

So, use Twitter summary card wisely! Regardless of your choice, small or big, the Summary Card will definitely help your Blogger website to stand out in the sea of tweets.

Comment below if you have difficulties in implementing Twitter Summary Card in your Blogger's theme. Follow my twitter @RufShoffan for quick updates!

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