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10 Scariest Horror Manga to Read on Halloween That Will Make Your Skin Crawl for Real

Here are my top 10 picks of scariest manga that you can read on Halloween! From classical ghost stories to some bizarre, cursed stuff!

The spookiest night of the year is just right around the corner! And yes, Halloween is the best time of the year to read some scary manga. If you are looking for some titles that can test your courage, these ones are what you are looking for. They are my favorite horror manga that I am sure you will also love!

Please be warned! The following manga will make your skin crawl. They are not the average cutesy horror stuff that you often find in Japanese fiction nowadays. If you want to experience true terror, these manga are the ones!

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Scary Manga for Halloween

I kid you not; the following manga will make you feel like you are being watched. As you get immersed in the story, you will feel as if the darkness is closing up on you! 

Now grab your treat and put your safety blanket on; these are the 10 scariest manga that I've ever read, perfect for Halloween. Enjoy!

#1 Fuan no Tane

If you ask me which manga is the scariest, Fuan no Tane will be my answer. Translated to Seeds of Anxiety in English, this manga is a collection of ghost stories and urban legends in Japan. 

The chapters are episodic and short. But boy, do they deliver some of the mightiest punches. I think this style of storytelling is perfect for a true horror manga. The dreadful twisted punchlines will take you by surprise, just like how real-life ghost encounters are, swift and sudden. 

Fuan no Tane - Manga for Halloween

Backed by creepy illustrations, this manga will absolutely give you nightmares. The way the author drew the ghosts are sometimes subtle. In some chapters, you'll have to look for the ghost yourself inside the panel, amplifying the terror! 

I believe the stories in Fuan no Tane are inspired by actual events and famous urban legends circulating among Japanese people. The author Nakayama Masaaki did his research well and collaborated with professional ghost stories collectors. Thus this cursed masterpiece was born.

True to its title, this manga made me super anxious for days. After I finished the manga, I felt like someone, or something, was following me. If you are still skeptical, you will have to try reading the first few chapters. If you love horror, and if you dare, Fuan no Tane will hook you right up, I guarantee.

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#2 Fuan no Tane +

Because Fuan no Tane is short, only 3 volumes, you might be craving for more. Fortunately, the manga has a sequel, Fuan no Tane +. This one lasts up to 4 volumes.

Fuan no Tane + - Manga for Halloween

If you think Fuan no Tane was scary, its sequel is even more so. Despite following the same storytelling style as its predecessor, Fuan no Tane + features many more disturbing ghosts. It also has darker illustrations and subtle designs that will amplify your fear.

Fuan no Tane + follows the spirit of its prequel faithfully. So, there is not much more I can say other than check it out now!

#3 PTSD Radio

Fans of horror stories will be familiar with the work of H.P. Lovecraft, and PTSD Radio gives off a similar vibe. It is a creepy story about a forgotten old god that turns into a malicious deity, haunting and terrorizing the people of Japan.

Just like Fuan no Tane and its sequel, this manga does not have a single continuous plot. However, PTSD Radio follows a general specific theme. 

This manga, which is also created by Nakayama Masaaki, uses a similar short storytelling style as the previous two titles. However, it mainly focuses on a single ghost. 

Halloween manga - PTSD Radio

PTSD Radio starts with a series of seemingly unrelated ghost sightings and creepy supernatural experiences. But as the series progresses, you discover that every curse, disturbing incident, and misfortune are all connected.

Some of the illustrations are a lot more cursed and creepier than the Fuan no Tane! Although, I think PTSD Radio relies more on jump scare. Each page, every chapter, and the panel are filled with some nasty ghostly surprises!

#4 My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought

Not all people think that ghosts are scary. After all, you might argue that they don't exist. If you are one of those people, you might prefer a manga about a serial killer instead. So, My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought might be the one that will tickle your fancy. 

Yes, its weird long title might throw some people off but do not be deceived because I think this manga is actually well-written. If you like crime stories and psychological thrillers that are not too over the top and still grounded in reality, this manga is certainly worth a try.

I will not say much about this manga as it will spoil the mystery.

My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought - Halloween

Even though there is no creepy ghost, My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought will disturb you with its twisted plot. Indeed, the scariest thing in the world is perhaps not ghosts but humanity's malice. You will be in for multiple plot twists, and you are in for a wild ride.

#5 Hideout

Halloween Manga - Hideout

I won't even say anything about Hideout as I'd like to leave you with a little surprise. In any case, if you want something short but leave a lot of impressions, this bizarre thriller manga is for you! It's only one volume, but it'll fill you up!

#6 The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

If you are okay with some disturbing gore, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is worth checking out! Just as the title implies, this manga is about a group of people whose job is to dispose of and deliver dead bodies. Each character has unique supernatural power, allowing them to do their job efficiently.

Halloween Manga - Kurosagi Corpse Delivery

Unlike regular funeral services, the Kurosagi group's clients are the corpses themselves. The main character has this unique ability to talk with dead bodies.

Please note that I really meant it when I said this manga contains disturbing gore. The illustrations might disgust you. You get to see some mangled corpses, rotting flesh, bizarre death, organs, and other unnatural body horrors.

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery does not take itself too seriously. Despite having a disturbing art style, this manga is actually a comedy, albeit a dark one. This manga is not for everyone, but it is a perfect title to pass Halloween if you can stomach gores.

#7 Domu -  A Child's Dream

Halloween Manga - Domu

Stories about psychics are also a staple for Halloween. And when it comes to psychic-themed manga, there is no shortage. However, Dome- A Child's Dream is worth mentioning if we discuss a psychic manga that gives off an unsettling vibe. 

This classic manga tells a story about a twisted old man gifted with extrasensory powers who silently holds sway over an entire block of apartments. The occupants are puppets for him to control using his creepy mind control.

But suddenly, there is a new voice in his head, and before he knows it, a young girl with her own battery of psychic abilities has arrived to challenge him! Soon, the sprawling complex becomes a battleground between two minds possessing incredible, unimaginable power.

#8 I am a Hero

Halloween is not complete without some zombie manga. There are probably dozens of manga about zombies out there, but I firmly believe that I am a Hero stands above the rest.

I am a hero manga

Fans of the Walking Dead and other zombie survival franchises would absolutely love I am a Hero. You get to follow the main character's adventure across zombie-infested Japan, seeking sanctuary.

This manga has a solid story and excellent illustrations. It is also quite realistic and action-packed, just like Hollywood's zombie survival movies you often see on TV.

It starts off slow, kinda reminds you of Shaun of the Dead, then once the zombie kicks in, you will be in for an exciting ride!

#9 Another

Some people call it boring, but some, including me, believe that Another is an excellent horror manga. It follows the classic ghost-at-school storytelling that we all love. 

Halloween Manga - Another

Unlike most horror manga, Another does not rely on jump scare or creepy illustrations. Nevertheless, you still get to feel the dark and uneasy atmosphere as you read about the bizarre mass death that surrounds the main character.

While I believe Another is the weakest horror manga on this list, it is still worth checking out!

#10 Uzumaki

Uzumaki - Halloween

Fans of horror manga would be familiar with Ito Junji's works. The author is famous for creating super weird manga with unsettling illustrations and dialogue. 

And I believe that Uzumaki is Ito Junji's most cursed work! Literally translated to Spiral, this manga tells a bizarre story of spiral-related curses plaguing a whole city. The characters are terrorized by spiral-related phenomena that make them go insane.

It kinda reminds me of The Colour Out of Space a little bit. The characters are slowly descending into madness as they become obsessed with spirals.

Those are the scariest manga to read on Halloween! Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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