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Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Blogspot Traffic

Did you know that a blogger.com website can also receive thousands of visitors? You need to learn how to improve your Blogspot traffic now!

SofanMax - Increasing website traffic is not the most straightforward task when you choose blogger.com as your platform. You need a high level of patience and comprehensive blogging knowledge to improve your Blogspot traffic. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to acquire thousands of visitors per day.

Blogger.com is part of Google's product that offers free blogging platform through the Blogspot domain. This website allows anybody to create a blog quickly and earn income through AdSense. This platform is often underrated. However, on the right hand, Blogspot is actually mighty.  

Improve your blogspot traffic!
Let's improve your blogspot traffic together! Photo: Pixabay.

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Blogspot does not require maintenance, secured by Google. It has unlimited bandwidth to handle millions of visitors without slowing down your website. You get all these excellent features for free. If you know how to improve your Blogspot traffic, you can own a robust website at a minimum cost.

On this occasion, I have curated the top 5 tips that you can follow to improve your Blogspot traffic immediately.

1. Utilize Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides you with chances to request manual indexing, verify your website ownership, and track your website performance. It is a platform that must be mastered by every blogger who seeks to improve their traffic. Fortunately, you can integrate Blogspot with Google Search Console!

You can submit your website to Search Console, and you can enjoy more visibility in Google Search results. If your website is indexed, it means that everyone in the whole wide world can locate your blog content on the internet. 

2. Use Reddit to Improve Your Blogspot Traffic

Reddit is the most popular content aggregator website in the world. You can submit your links on Reddit as long as it follows the guidelines. If your blog post is relevant and popular, people will upvote it, and thousands of visitors will come your way.

However, Reddit moderators can be pretty strict. Depending on the subreddit, you need to follow the rules accordingly; otherwise, your link may get removed. Furthermore, Reddit has a tight policy regarding spam. Never ever try to spam on Reddit because your website address may get blocked. 

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3. Keyword Researching

Google Search displays relevant results based on user's keywords. Therefore, you have to be mindful of these keywords when creating content. If you incorporate a relevant keyword, then the chance of your website to show up on top will increase. Research which keywords are often used by visitors!

Nonetheless, developing the right keywords into a great article can be tricky. You have to learn how to write based on the Search Engine Optimization principle while also being user-friendly. The best writing is the one that uses relevant keywords, can be read easily, optimized for Google.

4. Shows Up in Google Search Image

If you love taking photos or creating infographics, you can include them in your articles. Sometimes, people are searching for relevant images. You can show up in Google Search Image result if your articles have them. It is a niche way to get visitors, and it works well if you can provide excellent quality images.

But, please be mindful that images alone will not be enough. You need to provide caption and alt image info. You also have to explain your image well. Provide a thorough description or explanation of your images. Again, blogging is all about writing, so images are a complementary way to get more visitors.

5. Get Mentioned On Reputable Websites to Improve Your Blogspot Traffic

Try to have your blog mentioned in local news or reputable websites in your area. If they cite your blog, it may increase your legitimacy, and more visitors will be more likely to visit. Of course, this strategy is not easy. You have to create original content to become the primary source.

However, the effect of getting mentioned on another reputable website can be very significant and dramatic. This method is usually referred to as backlink acquirement. Having more websites placing your link inside their contents will improve your blog ranking on the internet. Be careful! Backlink usage is strictly regulated by Google, so you need to check their policy first.

Now that we have learned the top 5 tips to improve your Blogspot traffic, I hope that you can attract more visitors. Please remember, change is gradual, and improvement may not happen overnight. Be patient and be consistent! 

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    1. I got approved in 2019. There is no exact requirements. Generally, you will have an easier to to get approval if you have more than 50 published long articles (800 words and up).
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