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Is It Possible to Monetize Poetry and Flash Fiction Using AdSense in Blogspot?

Writing Poetry and Flash Fiction is very fun and a cool hobby. But what if you can earn money from it? Let's learn how to monetize your Blogspot!

SofanMax - Blogger.com, or familiarly called Blogspot, is the perfect platform for those of us who loves writing. It is very simple to use, even for people who don't know much about internet technology. Blogspot basically allows you to create your own personal website where you can publish your thoughts and express creativity.

If you love making Poetry and Flash Fictions, Blogspot is definitely the most suitable place to publish your creations. And yes, you absolutely can monetize Poetry and Flash Fiction using AdSense in Blogspot.

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Personal Experience on Monetizing Poetry and Flash Fictions in Blogspot

This blog, SofanMax, was actually my personal blog that only contains Poetry. I love writing cheesy stuffs. One day, I tried to apply my Blogspot website to AdSense, and I got approved. Nowadays, my content has expanded quite broadly, but it was started from Poetry blog.

Tea and Poetry. (Photo: Pixabay)
Tea and Poetry. (Photo: Pixabay)

As for Flash Fiction, I helped a friend of mine to monetize her blog, Fateism, that contains short fictional stories (300-500 words each). It was successful!

Therefore, based on these two personal experiences, I'm absolutely certain that Poetry and Flash Fictions can be monetized with AdSense in Blogspot.

However, there are several conditions. You need to follow several criteria so that AdSense will accept your blog. So keep reading! 

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How to Monetize Poetry and Flash Fiction with Blogspot and AdSense

Not every Blogspot website can be monetized using AdSense. Only websites with high quality content can be accepted. 

First, you have to make sure that your Poetry and Flash Fictions are really really good. People who read your contents should be impressed. Of course, art is subjective, but still, if you put efforts in your creations, more people will like it.

Second, please note that your Poetry and Flash Fictions are arts. The text may not follow the rule of grammar for artistic effect. Your content may also be very abstract. And that is okay for your human readers. However, your contents will also be evaluated by AdSense using their machine.

Now, because machine can not appreciate arts, AdSense may not understand that your Poetry and Flash fictions are actually valuable to human readers. There is a good chance that your blog will be rejected at first. 

The solution is quite simple. If machines can not understand your contents, then you will have to explain it to them. How do you explain arts to machine? Well, describe and provide explanation or interpretation to your arts.

Therefore, your blog post should not only contain Poetry and Flash Fictions. Write an explanation about the meaning, what inspire you, how do you create them, how long do you create them, why do you create them, and elaborate everything in detail. 

Pro tip: you should also put video or picture to enrich the value of your post.

You can put that explanation under your Poetry and Flash Fiction. Your main content is above, and the explanation below. It is a recommended format, based on my personal experience.

Third, mix up your contents. Because Blogspot is your personal space, you can post anything in it. And so, you should also post something other than Flash Fiction and Poetry.  

For example, you can create a real article about your personal interpretation of a famous poem by a famous poet from the ancient time. This way the average length of your posts will be over 500 word and that will improve you chance of AdSense approval.

You can also write an article about tips and trick of how to write good poetry. Usually, articles that talk about guides are considered to be valuable.

In other words, you can expand your horizon. Not just specific to Poetry and Flash Fiction, perhaps literature in general, or even broader.

Fourth, make sure that your Poetry and Flash Fictions adhere to Blogger and AdSense content policies. For example, graphic erotica may not be eligible for AdSense monetization as Blogger content policy does not allow it.

Erotica is a legitimate form of art, and I am not judging anyone who read and write. I think it is a brave expression of sexuality. However, if you depict them too graphically in an extreme way, AdSense may not be viable.

There are other points from the content policies that you need to pay attention. I suggest you to read them. You can find Blogger content policy here and AdSense content policy (in line with Google Publisher content policy) here.

Is Blogspot the Best Platform for Poetry and Flash Fiction writers?

In this platform, you have a lot of control when it comes to formatting. Not just that, you have full control over the way your content is presented to your readers. For example, you can choose to customize the style of your blog's theme, links, and many more!

Furthermore, Blogspot is integrated with Google Search Console. It means that you can index your Poetry and Flash Fiction so that they appear in Google Search result!

Most importantly, Blogspot can be connected to AdSense for monetization. This aspect is perhaps the biggest factor why writers and bloggers should be using Blogspot. Your original thoughts, in the form of writings, have monetary value. 

It not easy to be published and get money in real world. However, with Blogspot and AdSense, you can become a self-published writer and receive income directly to your bank account via monetization program.

Comparing Blogspot with Other Free Platform

There are other platforms that allows writers to publish their Poetry and Flash Fiction for free. For example: Poetizer, Wattpad, Instagram, Facebook, and Medium. Now let's do a little bit of comparison.

Blogspot have more freedom

These platforms are not bad but you will have not much degree of freedom. You contents will be tied to those platforms. You are given a page, your profile, and you don't have control over the whole website. 

On the other hand, Blogspot provides you with freedom of control, unlike the free platforms that I have mentioned.

Blogspot have wider audience but harder to gain viewers

In term of visibility, it is easier to gain viewer via those platforms. They have social media features and everyone with the same interest as you will be gathering. 

Blogspot is different as it closer to creating a website. You are not a social media influence but an actual website owner. It is harder to gain viewers. After all, it is harder to grow a website compared to grow a social media presence. 

However, with Blogspot,  you can get indexed in Google Search result, which is very cool. Your audience will be global, not tied only to those who use the same platform.

In Instagram, your readers will mostly be also from Instagram users. In Blogspot, the whole internet is your audience.

But again, despite the wider visitor potential, it is harder to gain visitor. It's called the saturation effect.

Blogspot Has Stronger Monetization Opportunity

Blogspot with AdSense integration is relatively easier to monetize. Of course, you still need to fulfill several criteria before you can monetize your Blogspot. Nevertheless, if you are able to do it, your income will grow exponentially with the amount of your visitors. 

AdSense will automatically insert advertisement inside your Poetry and Flash Fiction. Your readers who view your contents will also see the advertisement, and thus your income is generated.

In social media, you can not monetize it using AdSense. Your monetization strategy will not be as versatile because you don't have control.

So Which One is The Best Platform for Poetry and Flash Fiction?

The answer is actually the combination of those platforms. 

You should mainly write your Poetry and Flash Fiction inside your Blogspot blog. Then, use the social media platform to distribute the preview of your contents, the caption, and the links.

This way, you will have the powerful monetization opportunity from Blogspot using AdSense and the power of social media feature to distribute your contents. 

With the combined approach, you have the global reach of a website and the viral power of social media in your hand.

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