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Fletro Pro v6.1 Blogger Theme With Great Core Web Vitals

Fletro Pro v6.1 is a phenomenal premium Blogger template that provides high performance. Get this affordable theme now!

Fletro Pro v6.1 is the current theme of SofanMax website. So, I'd like to compare this incredible template with its predecessor, the v6.0 which I still really love. I would also like to disclose my honest opinion on this incredible product. There are some surprising aspects that put this amazing template ahead of its competitors.

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For most of 2021, SofanMax was running on the old Fletro Lite v.5.5 whose development unfortunately has been discontinued. It was an excellent theme until Blogger updated its image url structure. As a result, most of themes, including the Lite version, became obsolete and SofanMax was glitching. And so, I've decided to upgrade it to the latest version. And here is what I think about Fletro Pro v6.1!

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My implementation of the latest Fletro Pro!
My implementation of the latest Fletro Pro!

1. Fletro Pro v6.1 is Premium Blogger Theme With Great Core Web Vitals

The elusive core web vitals is a new Google's metric that measure how user friendly your website is. It basically assess three elements. They are First Input Delay (FID), Large Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

The basically they measure interactivity, loading speed, and visual stability. I will talk about this issue in detail in another article. For now, I just want to say that Fletro Pro v6.1 is perfectly capable of passing core web vital test! Based on my test, this theme offers zero FID and CLS, and super low LCP!

Here is the test result based on Google's PageSpeed Insight, with AdSense and Google Analytic enabled:

Fletro Pro v6.1 passes PageSpeed Insight Score With AdSense and GA enabled.
Fletro Pro v6.1 passes PageSpeed Insight Score With AdSense and GA enabled.

2.More Monetization Opportunity!

For people who would like to seriously monetize their blog, Fletro Pro v6.1 premium Blogger theme is currently a great option. The developer has optimized it for various ads space. Be it manual placement or auto ad, this template can handle AdSense very well. This theme also features manual anchor ad placement for mobile. You can easily enable or disable it anytime.

3. Higher Accessibility Features

Fletro Pro v6.1 is very user-friendly. This premium Blogger theme offer dynamic font size accessible for website visitors. They can change it to small, medium or bigger for ease of reading. In addtion, the developer reworked the comment section style, making visitors easier to comment. The pop-up comment system certainly will drive more engagement.

This template is the only blogger theme that features a notification that can be dismissed by the visitors. This notification appears at the top of the blog so visitor will be able to read urgent short message! SofanMax enables this feature to announce its present on Google New!

Furthermore, Fletro Pro v6.1 is very compatible with new Blogger image url format. There is no blurry thumbnail anymore!

The Downsides

I personally feel that, performance wise, Fletro Pro v6.1 does not offer dramatic improvement over the previous version. This theme does fix the potential LCP and CLS problem though.

Moreover, the v6.1 comes in a boring minimalist design. For instance, you would no longer be able to change the color of the header menu easily. The styling certainly has been scaled down, which is a bit unfortunate. 

 This theme still suffers from  minor visual glitches, especially the footer size-part. Nevertheless, if you are familiar with CSS, customizing the style of this template will not become a problem.

Already own Fletro Pro v6.0? Should you upgrade it?

I also happen to own Fletro Pro v6.0, which I got technically for free as a compensation because the Lite was discontinued, thanks to the generous Jago Desain developer. I absolutely LOVE the v6.0 because it is much easier to customize, and its performance through the roof. But alas,  Blogger Update also ruined it because of, again, the new image url schema. 

Thankfully, the developer was able to fix the v6.0's glitch. For people who do not want to upgrade to the Fletro Pro v6.1 version, the older one would still run perfectly well! You will be able to fix the blurry image problem on the older theme by joining Jago Desain Telegram channel, only available for people who purchase the theme legally! Go join now!

So, if do not want to use Fletro Pro v6.1, the older one will still provide you with great performing website. I personally would not upgrade my websites that already run the v6.0 because changing theme is tedious. 


Please pay attention, for people who have already purchased Fletro Pro v6.0, you will automatically receive the newer version for free! If would like to buy the v6.1 for the first time, the price will still be around $15! It is still very cheap for all the features that you will get!

The newest v6.1 will definitely an improvement! After all, it is literally the best premium Blogger template with high performance. Remember to buy Fletro Pro v1.6 only at the developer's website at jagodesain.com!

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  1. I think v6.1 was better
    1. It is definitely not worse than v6.0!
  2. Hi, sir I have requested my blog for AdSense, but they
    We do not allow Google-served ads on screens:

    without content or with low value content,
    that are under construction,
    that are used for alerts, navigation or other behavioral purposes.

    I know my website has manimam amount of posts. Please check my blog is it going to be approved or do I need to make any changes.

    This is my blog
    1. There is no point of assessing your blog if it has minimum amount of post. Increase your post, and approval will be a lot more easier.
  3. How can i get this theme ???
    1. You can buy this theme via the link that I've included in the article above.
  4. Bro I have fletro pro 6.0 v but I have downloaded the theme free is it is illegal because I have applied for adsense 2 times and I got rejected with the reason of policy violation please tell me should I have to remove the theme or not
    1. That is possible, change it to default theme or other legal themes. Illegal theme is not worth it if you earnestly want to make money, the owner of the theme may send a take down notice anyway.
  5. Your THEME is not applicable for CWV then how you can say that fletro is best
    1. This article is one year old. Back in the day, most blogger themes will not have score more than 50 with AdSense and GA. Hence, I was calling it the best (as a clickbait strategy, as a blogger you should be familiar with that). Also, without the two enable, it would pass the test. Most blogger theme developers in 2021 - 2022 were still transitioning for the new Blogger infrastructure and CWV was still relatively new. There may exist other themes with better optimization now.
    2. Also, when it comes to CWV, you should pay attention to FID and CLS, and LCP, not the overall pagespeed score. It's important that the three elements (FID and CLS, and LCP) are optimized. Though factors affecting the CWV may soon be changed, so theme developer will have to shift their focus yet again.